Why you must follow Workin.travel – TOP 8 reasons

Workin.travel is a job board designed to help you find a job in the travel industry. However, focusing our efforts on only one industry is not the only distinguishing feature of our platform. Wondering why you should join Workin and follow the content that we post here and on our social media? Here are some reasons.

Job listings with pay bands

Popular job sites often lack clear information on offered rates or hourly rates. Workin makes sure that all offers contain this type of information – after all, the main reason we go to work is the money ;)! 

You can therefore expect that every offer on Workin.travel to be clearly described and contains specific salary ranges.

Verified and Direct Jobs

Workin’s employment site is created by verified employers only. This means that at Workin you won’t find any job offers posted by brokers, head hunters or employment agencies. Each company has its own, verified account and posts their jobs through that account only. So forget about long, HR-ish and meaninglessly described offers! All offers on Workin are verified, reliable and come directly from the source 😉

Job alerts

Workin.travel is definitely different from any other already-existing job boards. With advanced job filtering, a comprehensive user interface and many other features, finding a job has never been so easy! One of such facilities are alerts, i.e. the notifications that each subscribed user receives about newly published job offers and with job offers whose criteria they meet. In other words – even when you’re not actively looking for a job and browsing the offers, Workin does it for you! 😉 

Therefore you don’t have to spend hours in front of your computer scrolling through the endless amount of job offers. Instead – focus on your resume, star the offers you would be potentially interested in and let Workin do the work for you! 😉 

Map with job offers

Each job posted on Workin.Travel has a location assigned to it. This means that every company that has posted a job offer on Workin is marked on our map, which makes it easy for you to browse through the jobs and find a job in your beloved foreign city or at least estimate how long it would take you to get to work 😉

​​Blog with interesting articles, news related to the travel industry

Workin.travel is not only about job offers, but also about very interesting content related to the travel industry. On our original blog you will find interesting travel facts, various guides, tips and interviews with some interesting people. You should also follow our social media, where we regularly publish posts that each of our users will enjoy 😉

Job offers from around the world

Among Workin offers you will find jobs from various parts of the world. Are you considering taking a gap year or maybe you’d like to drop everything and start a new life in Hawaii? No problem – we’re giving you the opportunity to find a job anywhere on Earth ;)! And since we do not focus only on one market,  our map will show you the pins placed all over the world. 

Communicator – direct contact between the employer and the candidate

We have equipped Workin.travel with many interesting and extremely useful features that will facilitate the recruitment process for both the employer and the employee. One of these tools is a messenger which allows direct contact between employers and candidates. This is a great solution, thanks to which you will forget about dozens of additional phone calls or e-mails – everything happens within the area of Workin, so you immediately see who you are talking to, about in relation to which offer, and you’ll have all of such messages in one place ;)!

SoLoMo – but what is it actually about?

We are aware that the above-mentioned abbreviation – SoLoMo may not be understandable to some of our users. So let us explain it to you.

So stands for social (community) – Workin is a community of cool people, who are passionate about the tourism industry. We conduct our activities with humor and without unnecessary pompousness. Why? Because this is what the travel industry looks like ;). 

However, that doesn’t mean that we want Workin to be just funny and friendly – we are professionals and we take our work seriously and therefore you can definitely expect some interesting tips and advice on how to work and exist in the tourism industry! 🙂

Lo means local – Workin is all about locality. While working in a new, interesting place you have a chance to meet new people and get to know their culture – we guarantee that after a few weeks you will feel like a local yourself!

Mo means mobile – our website, with all its features and job offers, is also easily accessible from your cell phone – so you can browse Workin anytime, anywhere! 😉 

Have we convinced you that Workin is worth hitting that ‘follow’ button? Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media and keep up with the latest industry news that we regularly publish on our platform! 🙂