TOP 10 reasons why you should work in the travel industry

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. New facilities, attractions and affordable ticket prices attract millions of tourists every year. No wonder that the companies operating in the tourism industry run their recruitment processes almost all year round. There is always a need for some extra people. Wondering why it is worth working in tourism? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should work in tourism.

Work in tourism: Work & Travel - visit new places

1. Work & Travel

Working in tourism gives you the opportunity to travel around the world. Numerous industry-related events, trade shows, fairs – practically at every turn, a new chance to travel to a new place you haven’t seen before awaits you! Many of us would like to see the whole world, but it takes time and usually a crazy amount of money – working in tourism makes it easier for travel lovers to combine the pleasant with the useful. No matter what kind of job you take up – after your scheduled working hours you will have enough free time to take a closer look at local sights or explore the surrounding area, not to mention the opportunity to meet new cultures and some wonderful, interesting people! 😉

Work in tourism: Work & Language - learn new languages

2. Work & Language

Our industry is a collection of people from various countries and cultures who speak many different languages. Working in tourism is therefore a unique opportunity to develop your language skills – without having to pay native speakers for their time 😉

Work in tourism allows you to break down any language barriers and open yourself up to new things. Even if this type of employment would be just a temporary job, it will definitely enrich your resume. What’s more, remember that practice makes perfect – and there’s no better way to practice a foreign language than to use it every day in conversation with the locals!

Work in tourism: Work & Study- make money while being a student

3. Work & Study

Having trouble combining study and work? Sometimes it’s almost impossible to reconcile your study schedule with your regular work schedule. That is why every year thousands of students take up part-time jobs in the tourism industry. Working in tourism does not necessarily mean full-time employment. Flexible schedules and shift work are some of the main reasons why students choose to work in this industry. Such a job allows them to study, make money, and add more points to their resume 😉

Work in tourism: Work & Meet - meet new people

4. Work & Meet

Tourism is not only a business, but above all it is an industry that’s full of passionate people who are open to new acquaintances and networking. Working in this industry means endless conversations without unnecessary tension or formalities. People in tourism are passionate about what they do, they have a broad world view and extensive knowledge in many areas, even the subjects that are unrelated to tourism. What is more, it is impossible to be bored in tourism. Every day is about meeting new people, dealing with new situations, and gaining new experiences. A job in tourism is therefore ideal for those who like a challenge and do not like boredom!

Work in tourism: Work & Party - celebrate life

5. Work & Party

The calendar of tourism-related events is bursting at the seams every year. Trade fairs aimed at promoting a specific destination, business events aimed at establishing new partnerships, or conferences addressing the most important issues in the industry – all these events are a chance to meet new people, and not in a pompous, super formal environment. As we mentioned earlier – the travel industry consists of open-minded people who value good company and that’s why, at practically every travel event, you can expect a really good afterparty that was  perfectly organized from A to Z!

Work in tourism: Work & Culture - discover new cultures

6. Work & Culture

Work in tourism also includes traveling and learning about new cultures. The wonderful delicacies of the local cuisine, amazing traditions and customs, and the landscape around you – every trip to a new place brings you closer to learning new things and expanding your horizons. After all, experiencing such local and real things is not something you can easily read about in books or on the Internet. You have to experience it in real life; and working in tourism allows you to do that 😉

Work in tourism: Work & Money - make good money

7. Work & Money

In our article, we could not forget to mention earnings. After all, no one takes up employment for fun, but rather to earn a living ;). Work in tourism is associated with good rates and satisfying earnings. Why? Because the biggest investments of this industry are employees. Without people tourism simply does not exist. What is more, the so-called high season in the tourism industry does not happen only once, but at least twice a year. Making such a time of year  an ideal opportunity to negotiate higher rates and earn really good money. 

Work in tourism: Work & Benefits - enjoy life

8. Work & Benefits

Work in tourism also means a wide range of additional benefits, which you will not get in any other industry. Some of those benefits are the so-called study tours, i.e. business trips aimed at improving your professional competences and giving you a break from your everyday desk at which you spend at least ¼ of your day. Study tours are like a breath of fresh air for an employee and a phenomenon that is not such a common practice in many other industries ;).

Another benefit you can count on while working in the travel industry are numerous discounts. We all love them, don’t we? Travel partners often offer each other discounts and free tours/cruises. Because since we already know each other and help each other out, why not guarantee the best experience for others and invite your industry colleagues for a free cruise or a discounted dinner at your restaurant? 😉

Work in tourism: Work & Eat - taste new things

9. Work & Eat 

Since working in tourism is all about traveling and experiencing new cultures, we cannot forget about the opportunity to discover new flavors and local cuisine. Even in the biggest city with the largest gastronomic offer it is not easy to find authentic Greek, Spanish or Italian cuisine. That’s why working in the tourism industry is usually a paradise for foodies ;)! You work during the day and in the evening you enjoy local delicacies while drinking the best local wine or other traditional beverage – sounds tempting? 

Work in tourism: Work & Fun - have a good time!

10. Work & Fun 

The travel industry is one of the friendliest and humane sectors of the economy. And since one of it’s main pillars is the fact that there are no discrimination or limits and anyone can benefit from it, as well as work in it – tourism is full of funny situations, anecdotes and industry-related jokes. People and working with clients from around the world make it impossible to complain about boredom. All that makes any job in tourism also great fun. Positive, team-oriented people from all over the world and a mix of cultures is the most beautiful foundation on which this industry stands. 

We are of the opinion that the presented 10 arguments are quite an incentive to get a job in tourism. So what are you waiting for? Browse through the job opportunities using our dedicated filters (eg. Work&Study, Work&Language, etc.) and see where you would like to start/continue your adventure in the travel industry. Find a job that will help you grow and expand your horizons; that will allow you to meet amazing people; that will not limit or frustrate you. Create tourism with us!