TOP 10 reasons why your company should be on 

Wondering why you should join and start publishing job offers on our website? Let us present to you 10 reasons why your company not only should, but needs to be on Workin! 😉 

  1. We operate only within the travel industry

Unlike other sites of this type, focuses only on the travel industry. As a result, finding employment in the tourism industry through our platform is extremely quick and easy. We pay a lot of attention to interesting, well-presented offers promoting the travel industry as a great place to combine business with pleasure, as well as to develop your skills and passions ;). 

Focusing our efforts on just one industry makes the recruitment process easier for both the candidate and the employer. Why?

  • The potential candidate does not have to go through hundreds of offers before finding the one that interest them and whose requirements they meet;
  • People looking for a job on Workin are determined to find employment in the tourism industry and often have work experience in this sector – so you have a chance of hiring competent and experienced people;
  • Your job offers have a higher chance of success – they won’t get lost among other job offers not related to tourism 😉

Do you run a travel agency or a hotel? Are you a licensed tour guide? Our website is a perfect place for you! 🙂

  1. Put yourself in the hands of traveltech experts (and we don’t mean travel hobbyists, but rather real experts)

Workin’s founders are passionate people with years of experience in tourism and marketing on the international market. Years of working on technology solutions for tourism and numerous collaborations with the industry’s biggest companies have allowed us to reliably identify the needs and problems of entrepreneurs. Therefore, we know what certain processes look like and what distinguishes our industry from others.

What is more, we are experts who are passionate about what they do – we like travelling, tourism and people who create it! We believe that our mission is to restore the good image of our industry and encourage as many people as possible to take up employment in this sector.

Our knowledge and solutions are a guarantee of understanding your needs and finding the right people for your team.

  1. Get ready for the post-COVID increase in demand – start hiring now!

A high number of customers, orders or hotel guests is slowly becoming the biggest problem that you have to face in your business? You simply can’t keep up with getting the rooms guest-ready on time? Are you lacking staff to serve your customers or prepare meals in your restaurant? Well, you’re not alone. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have caused numerous staff cuts. Many employees had to seek new employment and rebrand themselves and, as a result, are now reluctant to return to tourism. One of Workin’s priorities is to actively promote the tourism industry and attract as many potential employees as possible to return to the industry. As an entrepreneur you can therefore expect to attract new enthusiasts dreaming of working in tourism!

On the other hand, we are well aware that with the lifting of certain restrictions, the tourism industry is slowly starting to recover. Interest in going abroad, traveling and vacationing is growing, people are tired of being stuck at home and thus crave a change. Demand for tourism is increasing at a fairly rapid pace, and current staff shortages are effectively limiting the normal operation of businesses and services. This trend will continue in the future (and maybe even grow to a larger scale), so get ready for more customers today – start hiring with us! 😉

  1. Brand Image – create your company’s image through!

Every company registered and verified on Workin has its own account, through which you can publish new offers, track the progress of current recruitments, view candidate profiles and their CVs, and create your company’s profile. Upload your logo, describe your business, publish some well-described job offers and attract new employees while maintaining your company’s online image! Our platform will allow you to present your company in the best way possible – attach your office location to your profile, show how cool the neighborhood or city is. Attract candidates with an attractive location of your workplace. Moreover, we will mention your company in our newsletters and on our Facebook! 

Don’t hire intermediaries who can’t convey the nature of your business, who don’t understand it and don’t care how it will be perceived online. Take care of your brand yourself by publishing content that goes together with your vision! 😉

  1. Skilled workers with language skills

Workin is a platform with an international reach. That’s why on our website you’ll find not only experienced professionals, but also plenty of native speakers and candidates with verified language skills. After all, tourism abounds with people from all over the world. Expand your human resources by hiring interesting, cool people who are language pros! 😉 

  1. We will make your offers visible on Google!

Your job offer published on a popular job board gets lost among dozens or even hundreds of other offers? We know how frustrating that is! At Workin, we make sure your offer is as visible as possible to potential candidates. Interesting descriptions and the possibility to filter offers increase the chances that candidates will take a peek at your offer instead of someone else’s! 😉 

In addition, our portal is very well indexed in Google. We make every effort to ensure that the content published by us and our users meet the SEO criteria. Additionally, we run Google Ads campaigns, which aims to place our website high in Google search results.

When you use Workin, you don’t have to pay any additional fees to make your job offers visible. Workin does the positioning for you ;)!

  1. We integrate offers with Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a job aggregator – a new feature introduced by Google that helps you search for jobs. How does it work? Google for Jobs collects all the jobs from across the web, then sorts and displays them in search results based on specific user preferences.  

Workin has been integrated with this tool to enable greater reach for every job posted and every job 😉

With us, you’ll not only be visible on Workin, but also on the world’s most popular search engine! 😉

  1. Map presenting all the offers

One of Workin’s features is a smart map that accurately marks all published jobs. Why did we introduce this feature? There are several reasons. Firstly, we want to make each candidate browse the local, but also foreign job offers – proving to them that they meet the criteria of foreign companies and have a chance to work abroad ;).

Secondly, precisely placed “pins” allow the candidate to take a look at the location of the office or facility – who wouldn’t want to work in close proximity to the best restaurants in town or by the beach itself 😉

Third, a well-defined location of a job offer allows the interested party to estimate the route to work, transportation possibilities, and time needed to get to work ;). 

  1. Intelligent matching, recommendations and job alerts is not just a platform. Unlike competing sites our tool focuses on new technology, interesting and intelligent solutions and innovation. We’re changing the face of travel and HR by staying several steps ahead of the competition! 😉

That’s why Workin is more than just a web portal. Using AI and API, our system automatically recommends specific offers/profiles to candidates and employers. Moreover, every logged in user receives job alerts – notifications regarding newly published jobs and those whose recruitment criteria they meet. Intelligent recruitment tools recommend the best candidates/offers to both sides of the process, making the recruitment process easier.

  1. We reach people from all over the world

Facing the problem of shortages in your staff? That’s the problem that appeared for many entrepreneurs after Brexit. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded to an even greater degree. Travel businesses in the UK are struggling to recruit enough staff and thus fail to meet the demand for their services. 

It’s not surprising that working in tourism involves networking with people from all corners of the world. After all, in recent years migrants made up more than 30% of the British tourism industry. 

Given that Workin is an international platform, with us you can reach potential employees living anywhere in the world! 😉 We will help you hire workers from countries like Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, but also the Balkans, the Baltic countries, India, Philippines, Pakistan or South Africa. 

Our huge database of candidates from all over the world will allow you to quickly hire the right people for your business!