Workation – combining remote work and traveling – is it possible? Here’s how we do it at WORKIN

Workation – a concept not yet that well-known in Poland, but definitely gaining in popularity – is it worth considering or not?

What is workation?

The term workation is a cluster of two English words “work” and “vacation” and is used to describe a specific kind of work mode, i.e. working remotely from any place on Earth and combining professional activities with a rest/vacation. 

In other words – you change your standard office desk for a deckchair or other comfortable furniture (or a blanket ;)) and work from anywhere in the world, exploring the sights and enjoying life in a foreign country after your working hours.

As far as the formal aspect of workation is concerned – this type of work is not treated as a real vacation (the employee does not use their vacation days), because the duties are performed remotely. 

Advantages of workation

Combining work with leisure is above all a great opportunity to recharge your batteries. The change of climate and environment allows you not only to relax a little, but also to gain inspiration and perspective, which in result can contribute to better ideas and outcomes!

It is also worth mentioning that workation can apply not only to a single person but also to a larger number of employees. Companies quite often send their entire teams on so-called work-holidays. It is usually a good opportunity to integrate the team, but also to sum up the results of a quarter or the whole year. Neutral, distanced from the realities of the office environment allows for a cool assessment of the strong and weak aspects of the work done and drawing valuable conclusions for the future. But don’t get us wrong – it is not about taking the whole team to Hawaii and pointing out all their mistakes in picturesque surroundings ;). Workation is an opportunity for the team to share their insights, motivate each other and emphasize the human factor of the company, which is of course an inseparable element of any workplace 🙂

What is more, a group trip is treated by the employer as team bonding, especially when a large percentage of employees are remote workers, hybrid workers or when the company has several offices or departments located in various parts of the country or even the continent ;). 

How we do it at Workin 

At Workin.Travel, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Unlike our competitors, we focus on HR and creative people with passion, that’s why we make sure that our employees, at least a few times a year, can take advantage of workation, to take a break from their everyday office desk 🙂

Every year, we allocate 12 000 – 15 000 PLN for workation for each employee. This budget covers flights and accommodation with food, as well as all the optional group activities.

What does a sample program of our workation look like? For example, the whole team goes to Madeira for 7 days, where for 5 days we work together 8 hours a day and in the evenings participate in various workshops, trainings, exchange experiences (usually with good food and in a good, relaxed atmosphere ;)). The remaining 2 days we always spend on trips, cruises, trekking or simply sightseeing.

Every year we allocate a total of 20 days for workation. Therefore it is possible to organize such trips every quarter of a year or even twice a year for a longer period of time. Our workations are organized sometime between September and October or at the beginning of the year, i.e. in January or February. What destinations do we choose most often? Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, but also our beautiful Polish Masuria, Zakopane or the Baltic Sea 🙂

There are many possibilities, because let’s face the truth – in case of workation the only thing that really limits us is the luggage 😉